Lawrence Michael Celani and proudly present
my friends and fellow Alumni of:

Cranston High School East
Class of 1968
Go Thunderbolts!
Cranston High School East
899 Park Avenue
Cranston, Rhode Island U.S.A.

Our School Song

We all sing praise to our school.

With spirits true to our school.

Where loyal hearts will remain.

We'll ever sing of her fame.

Oh how we love her, our Alma Mater.

Our deep devotion, our steadfast faith.

Cranston High!

She'll ever claim!

School Creed

We the students of Cranston High School east resolve to maintain,

to the best of our ability, clean standards in the classroom and on the athletic field,

to cooperate to the greatest extent with teachers and fellow students,

and to cultivate in our characters, qualities of honesty,

independent thought and reliability

School song lyrics provided by Karen Ekelund Kavanaugh and the Cranston East Handbook

The School Creed taken from the current school handbook

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