About This Memorial

This memorial is a permanent part of this web site and resides here to remember the loss of 20 innocent children and 6 educators at Sandy hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT on December 14, 2012. It is a voluntary effort created to support the families who are left to try to find peace and normalcy after this horrific event. It is not designed or intended to make any political statement as opinion is already formed. This special pl;ace is to remember those souls both departed and struggling. You are invited and encouraged to post a remembrance or sign the guest book.

How You Can Help

From the main page, there is an address where contributions can be made. You may also visit the United Way of Western CT. web site at United Way - Western CT> to offer your assistance. There are many good charitable organizations that can also help, however use care. The UW and the Town of Newtown Town Hall can assist.

Individual Memorials

Immediate family members can have a memorial page created for their departed family member by sending an email by using the "Contact Us" link on these pages. You can include additional photos and / or stories. A memorial will be created and will be linked from each page on this Sandy hook Remembrance. There is no charge for this and any memorial can be removed at the request of the immediate family.

Other Help We may Offer

Creation of these memorials may take 2 - 3 weeks. I am the sole editor who is legally blind. If you do not get a reply to an emaill, please send again. To avoid confusion, this memorial will not be posted as pages on social media sites. This memorial is an individual effort and is NOT associated in any way with the Town of Newtown, CT or Sandy Hook Elementary School. This site is not compensated for this memorial. Family members of the victims who wish an offline copy of this memorial at no charge will be able to download a copy once it is created.

Questions & Answers

Can I Post Home Movies? Yes. Here is how. You must first establish a YOUTUBE accoumnt anmd upload your home movies. Once you do so, you will be given a link to the video. Ejmail that link to me and I will embed it on your loved ones memorial. There is NO limit to the number of videos however, if there is sound in them, you can not have music on the memorial page unless we link away from this site and go directly to YOUTUBE. Also be aware your videos MUST be available to the public for me to embed it on the memorial. Small videos can be posted on our servers but that will eventually consume excessive disk space and bandwidth.

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