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"Rejoice, O young man, in thy youth; and let thy heart cheer thee in the days of thy youth, and walk in the ways of thine heart, and in the sight of thine eyes.

[Ecclesiastes 11:9]

Class Officers - Cranston High School East Class of 1968

Robert Brown - Treasurer, Patricia Cotrill - Secretary, Michelle Warrick - Vice President, Peter Wilbur - President

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Abeshaus - Amiot
Anderson - Armstrong
Arnold - Bailey
Barrie - Bennett

Berg - Bishop
Block - Bower
Boyle - Bruno
Bucacci - Cahill

Calberg - Caputo
Carle - Carroll
Carroll - Cedar
Cerilli - Cecarelli

Cohelo - Cornell
Corvese - Crudale
Crudale - Dailey
Damiani - Davis

Davis - DelPadre
DeMaria - Devine
DeBatista - Depalma
DePippo - Dusablon

Eisenstadt - Eugenio
Evangelista - Farnum
Feingold - Fish
Fitzpatrick - Freda

Freed - Gallagher
Gallo - Gikas
Giramma - Gomes
Gonsalves - Gunther

Hallam - Harrington
Hassard - Heron
Heron - Howard
Howayek - Jackvony

Jakobson - Johnson
Johnson - Kaufman
Kavanaugh - Kurtin
Kwiatrowski - Leach

Leclair - Levy
Levye - Lombardo
Lonardo - Magnone
Maguire - Maranaccio

Marseglia - Maxwell
McAllister - McHugh
McIntyre - Melone
Melone - Moore

Moretti - Morris
Morse - Nevolla
Newberry - Orenburg
Ormanski - Palumbo

Panicucci - Pasiak
Pastore - Perry
Perry - Platter
Pliakas - Reali

Rego - Richards
Richardson - Rogers
Roiff - Ruscitto
Ryan - Sawyer

Schiavino - Senecal
Sepe - Schectman
Sheehan - Smith
Smith - Stearns

Stedman - Sullivan
Surabian - Talbot
Therriault - Totten
Trainor - Walsh

Warburton - Weeden
Weinburg - Wier
Wilbur - Zanibuco
Zolli - Unlisted

Michael Berrigan

Judith Boss

Bruce Byerly

Lawrence Celani

Marilyn Ehrlich

Charles Flanagan

Nicholas Florio

Carl Goshgarian

Lawrence Hood

Janice Jordan

Camilia Lapazia

Stephen Mandell

John Pappa

Luigi Pescosolito

Frederick Placella

Francis Putzner

George Russel

Gregory Soscia

Lenora Stabile

Richard Stokley

Stewart Stolworthy

John Wolfy

Barbara West

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Senior Superlatives - Pg 1
Senior Superlatives _ Pg 2
Student Council
Class Councils

Assy & Athletic Committee
Caladar/Citznship Comm
Deans Cou/Foster Parents
Point Comm/Red Cross Con

Social/Ways Means Comm
RI/Nat. Honor society
Jr. Init / Nat. Merit Sch.

The Cranstonian Staff
Homeroom Rep/Advert Staff
A Capella Choir / AV Aids

Aud & Caf/Hall Marshalls
Chess Club/Civic Ldrship
Coop Retailing/Debating Team
Football Clubs

French Club/Future Farmers
Future Nurses
Future Teachers
Thunderbolt Bnd/Banner Grd

Thunderbolt Bnd/Color Grd
Musical Groups
Orchestra - Pg. 1

Orchestra Pg. 2
Var. Cheerleaders
German Club/Girls Ath. Asn.

Italian Club/Jr. Allnce
Leader Corp/Library Asn
Lit. Mag./Math Team
Modern Dance

Mixed Chorus
Office Practice
Russian Club/Sr.Social Comm
PanAm Club/Thunderbolt Staff

News Bur/Thyrsus Club
Sports Graphic
Varsity Football

Jr. Var. Football
Co Cpt/Sr. Linemen
All Star League
Senior Guards

Lightning Strikes 1
Lightning Strikes 2
Sadie Hawkins Day
Cross Country 1

Cross Country 2
Varsity Wrestling
Jr. Varsity Wrestling
State Champions

More Wrestling
Cranston East Hockey
Cranston East Hockey
Cranston East Hockey

Cranston East Hockey
Cranston East Hockey

Indoor Track 1
Indoor Track 2
Indoor Track 3
Basketball 1

Basketball 2
Basketball 3
Outdoor Track 1
Outdoor Track 2

Baseball 1
Baseball 2
Baseball 3
Tennis 1

Tennis 2
Tennis 3
Tennis 4

Junior Prom 1967
Cheerleaders Dance 1968
Tromp The townies
The Homecoming

Football Follies
The Ball
Christmas assembly

High School Tournament
Mid Winter concert
Dean's Council Tea
Sound Experience

Ads - Graphics
Ads - Senior Class
Ads - Mayor DiPrete
Ads - Home Room 103

Ads - Kenrow Studio
Ads - A Nelson Jewelery
Ads - Butterfield Home
Ads - Elmwood Cleansers

Ads - R Paola Insurance
Ads - Rocky Point Park
Ads - Cong. R.Tiernan, Shepards, Dybala Bottling
Ads - Park Beauty Salon, Edgewood Pharmacy, Park Barber Shop, Paige young Furniture, Boston Subs, Brodskys

Ruggieri Bros, Hurd & Goldberg, Big Star Market, Jays' Mens Shop, Flowers By Jodel, Norwood Texaco
Ads - Louise Simonme Beauty, Mowhawk TV, Village Laundry, Delmonico Insurance, St. Onges, J Adolph Johnson Builders
Ads -Garden City Hardware, Post War Cleaners, Lanni's Barber Shop, Ruths, James Kaplan, Barnes Rubber, Nardolillo Funeral Home
Ads - H.I.M. Mills, John L & Arlene S, Pawtuxet Liquor Store, Frank Branch Texaco, E Michaels Agency, F.W. Woolworths, Cortland Decorators

Ads - Ruth's Dress, Silva's Paint, Telegraph Delivery Svc., Delta Drug, Armory Watch, Dairy Twirl
Ads - Driftwood Restaurant, Cedars Pharmacy, Durfee Hardware, Park Ave Jewelry, Anthony Emma Heating, Auburn TV, Smacks Grill
Ads - George Cabot Electric, Cranston Travel, The Casual Shop, Ialongo Realty, Mildreds, Penn TV
Ads - Juhlin Pearson Co., Werner, Sullivan & Nilsson, Everett Jenison, Longos, Mrs James Niland

Ads - T.D. Brown, The Cranston Mirror, Park Fabrics, Ezquisite Hair Fashons, Mr & Mrs Rocco Mendillo, Bomar Pharmacy, Sal's Beauty Salon
Ads - Park Cinema, Park Shoe Store, Romano & Sons Funeral Home, Cathay Den Restaurant, Pontiac Pharmacy, Alga Plastics
Ads - Auburn Fish Market, Henry's Super Service, Edgewood Flower and Antique, Disposal Contractors, Delamr's, Garden restaurant, Auburn Fruitland
Ads - Fred Spigel Kosher Market, Columbus Ornamental Iron, Waksler Jewelers, Peters Service, Duchland Farms, Pontiac Laundetette, Mrs Anatole coutu

Ads - W.B. Brown & Sons, Cooks atlantic Sta., Park Ave. Laundry, Mr & Mrs Theodore Panagiotis, Dante's Dineraut, F.A DiPrete Realty
Ads - Cranston Teachers ass., National Auto Sales, Thals Pharmacy, Paris Fabric Shop, Robert Smith Drew, Nohel Manufacturing, Thomas & Austin Heating
Ads - Sorrentos Pizza, Anthony Reo Furniture, Bob Powers Sports, Don Rite Tailors, Cameron's Pharmacy
Ads - Garden City Builders, Pipe n Pouch Smoke Shop, Mari-Pat Fashions, Jerry's Chemist, Pete's Pizzaria

Ads- Tree Service Co., Bud lord's Atlantic Svc, Frank Cima's Garage, Washington Park Barber Shop, Jennings Brothers, From A Good Friend, Monty's Beef Co.
Ads- Gladdings, What Cheer Foods, Tony's Service Center, Ralph Bucci, 1733115CFI, Edgewood Shoe Repair, Cranston Association of School Costodians