Cranston High School East
The Class of 1968

Cranston High School East, Park Avenue, Cranston, R.I. USA

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Memorable Classmates

Memorable Classmates Of Lawrence Michael Celani

Anna Fraioli
Kathrine Champagne
Ronald Cameron
12th Grade Algebra
12th Grade HR 104
2-12th Grade
Anna you were a funny girl. In fact, you where one of a few female friends in school. I was lacking self confidence and was horribly insecure, but you befriended me and made my last year in school a good one. I am sorry I lost touch, would love to talk to you and let you know I was ok. I hope you get a chance to read this so you know how much I care for you. Sorry about your sister.
Kate..You always were pleasant and when I needed a sympathetic ear, you were there. You became a good friend in such a short period of time. I am sorry I never had the courage to ask you to the Senior Prom. I am sure had I done so and we spent that night together, it would have been the most memorable night of my young life. You are one in a million Kate.
We go back a long way my friend. We made that journey through the school system and I distinctly we hated each other in Waterman. Buddy, it has been 55 years! Yes, you were unique and I followed you like a lemming - from cutting period 7 all year in my Junior year and not having my picture put in the yearbook. But you were then and still are one of my closest friends with Paul. It is comforting at this time in my life to know you are there.

Kevin Hanley
Donald Elliott
Paul freeman
Grade 7-12
Grade 1-9
Grade K - 12
Kev.. You and I met in 7th grade and for some reason we did not hit it off well. I think we were unable to understand one another. As I asked about you from the friends who loved you, I quickly understand that for whatever reason, I missed the opportunity to make a potentially good friend. It is my loss Kevin. According to your friend Brian, you were a skinny left handed kid who played Little League baseball and who had a good sense of humor. You would laugh at what he would admit were bad jokes. Brian admitted he didn't want you to join the Marines. I am sure he feared he would loose you. He wished he tried harder, but I think you needed to enlist to give yourself a sense of self worth. You didn't have to do that but you realized your dream. I admire you for that my friend. Although you left us 43 years ago, you belong on my Memorable Classmates tab on this page because you are a kid I have never forgot. As I said my prayers at your grave and said the words of a prayer you and I knew very well, "forgive us our trespassers as we forgive them who trespass against us", it became all too clear that forgiveness was what we were taught. For the mistakes we both made when we were young, I am sorry Kevin. Those were part of life's painfull lessons. It would have been nice to sit down with you over a few cold brews and look at our past and laugh about the goofy kids we were. You are Kevin, my friend and classmate. Semper Fi
You were one of my oldest friends Donnie. Most of my fondest memories of you come from the neighborhood. We had lots of fun until we had to grow up and become distant. We made a pact in our childhood to be friends forever and sealed that with a ritual of "blood brothers". Well, 42 years after your passing you still remain one of the greatest reminders of my youth and our innocence. I love you Don.
My oldest friend! After an absence of 43 years, to reach out and find you on Classmates was a great moment. Now, the tons of emails and your visit to my home reminds me just how true a friend you always were. Something you said recently was that during a trip through the old neighborhood you went by my old home and wondered where I was. I am sure you wondered if I was ok. I was overwhelmed. I am sorry if I made you worry. You are enlightening. I love you buddy.
David Riddendale
Ray Brais
Bruce Davis
Grade 11 & 12
Grade 12 HR 104
Electronics G 11 & 12
My electronics class pal. you were a first class nut! There were those memorable moments in electronics like burning a big ball of steel wool on the back bench! There was that day we were working on a project together and I asked you for the soldering iron. You gave it to me hot end first. I burned the inside of my right hand. But what's the smell of burning flesh among friends! You reminded me of that in my yearbook. I was a lonely kid and I hated school. You made those final years more enjoyable and for all oyu did to be friends with such an odd kid, I am forever grateful. Where ever you are Dave, I think of you often.
Although we only got to know one another in Senior home Room, 43 years later, I wanted to find you. Well I did and it is great to stay connected even if only by email. We sure can talk! You were always amazed at how Ron Cameron could turn home room into a circus that would make Barnum & Bailey proud! Thank you for your service Ray. You may not give yourself credit, but there was a time they wanted to invade Cambodia and there would have been a good chance you would have been redeployed. Thank God that never happened. You may not be as old a friend as the others, but you are no less a good friend./div>
It seems the day I took Dave's soldering from the hot end, along with my scream was your laughter over my carelessness. But you didn't laugh over my misforture, you laughed because it was funny. It really was! You reminded me often that I was a good kid and you were glad we were friends, even writing that in my yearbook. I hope to find you around as I look for other school friends. I believed in my youth Bruce, that school was my personal hell. Once I forgave those who betrayed me, what I found was the good friends lost among the rubble of my past. You are a reminder of what was good in my life. Thanks buddy.
Marilyn (Totten) Ciaramello
Virginia Libby
Kenny Gentile
Grade K - 12
Grade 1 - 9
Grade K-12,Cub Scouts
What a nice memory Marilyn. Even though we would only be friends in and after school, that was ok. I am a lucky man to have a friend like you. As you went through school, you retained your awareness of the feelings of others. You always had a gentile spirit which is why I liked you. When I told you recently I wanted to ask you to our prom, you said, you would have had to decline. Then you said " I hope I never hurt you in school". No Marilyn, you never did. You knew I was struggling and The last thing you would ever do is hurt me when I was vulnerable. Thank you for being among my oldest friends. You were then and always be a special friend to me.
They say it is often we save the best for last. Well maybe I did here too. Virninia, there was an event in my life in elementary school around thrird grade on Valentine's Day when I was trying to step away from my shyness and give you my Valentines Day card. You walked up to me first, asked me to be your valentine, and gave me a kiss that I still remember clearly 53 years later. I wonder if you ever thought that such a sweet gesture would end up being a light in a window for a young boy who was lost at that time in my life. I hope you have been blessed with all the best life has to offer, and you are happy and well. I will remember that day for the remainder of my life. Thank You Virginia
I will never forget that day in December when I got an email from you wanting my number so you could call. God Kenny, what a wonderful Christmas Gift! I know it was Kindergarten then you left for St Matthews School. But there was our time as Cub Scouts, Junior and Senior High. I remember the truck you drove after school, Gentile's Catering. You told me you were a bit of a punk and when I asked why you didn't give me grief, you said Larry, I have known you from Kindergarten and Cub Scouts. You considered me a friend early on and you respected me as a friend. There are fun memories of us Cub Scouts at Mystic Seaport. We went into a general store there and I bought licorice pipes. I had one in my mouth upon which you made a funny remark. Others might have considered it rude, but I never did. I laugh when I recall the event. I was one of the boys! I love you my friend.

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